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"Scholtz is able to craft a new image, not of village idiots rambling nonsensically, but people trying to figure out their place in the world." - READ MORE

Northeastern University Film Enthusiasts' Club

"This is a film you will get as much out of as you want; if you'd like to just watch people laugh as they film scenes reenacting the Viking landing, you'll be pleased. If you want to dive into a mental discussion on belief structures, there's plenty of room in the deep end." -READ MORE

Lonely Reviewer

"Lost Conquest, is fun and very lighthearted, from its storytelling to the on screen tags for its subjects – it takes a region specific history and organizes it in an extremely entertaining fashion. " - READ MORE


" The comedic documentary is not exactly rare, but it is generally reserved for people famous for being funny - after all, if something is funny, it is seldom considered important enough for a film that gets any sort of wide notice. That's unfortunate, because it means that Lost Conquest is a rarity - a film that is actually able to sneak an important idea into a group that might not otherwise consider it, while still being tremendously entertaining." - READ MORE


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Saturday, April 25 5:15pm

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Monday, May 4 6pm

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Closing Film on Sunday, May 10 4:30 pm

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Thursday, May 28 noon

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Saturday July 25, 7pm

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Tuesday, July 28, 9pm

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Wednesday, October 14 4:50pm

New Hampshire Film Festival

Saturday, October 17 10:10am

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Saturday, October 17 4:50pm

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Friday, October 23 5:30pm

Flyway Film Festival

Sunday, October 25, 2:30pm

Big Water Film Festival

Wednesday, November 4 7pm

Saturday, November 7 7pm

St. Cloud Film Festival

Sunday, November 8 3pm

About the Film

Vikings! Their thirst for conquest was quenchless! Historians claim the Viking Age ended nearly a thousand years ago. But there remains one place on Earth where Vikings still rule: Minnesota! It began when Leif Ericson secretly invaded the state and claimed it for King Olaf of Norway. Today, Minnesota remains as one of the last outposts of that once-mighty empire.

Or not. Archaeologists say none of this ever happened. They say Minnesota has fallen victim to the greatest practical joke of all time. They say it’s better to get history right than to tell a good story.

But does anyone care what they say? Because Viking culture is alive and well in Minnesota, where you can dress like a Viking, eat like a Viking and fight like a Viking!

Welcome to Minnesota, the Lost Conquest of the Viking Age!

The Filmmaker

Director's Statement

I’m a documentary filmmaker based in northern Minnesota. I’ve lived here most of my life and think of the rural towns here as my beat. My debut film, Wild Bill's Run, told the unforgettable story of a snowmobiling outlaw who dreamed he could lead an expedition across the Arctic to Moscow during the height of the Cold War. My next film, Wicker Kittens was about competitive jigsaw puzzling. It premiered at SXSW. My latest project, Lost Conquest, tackles the eternal question of why we believe the things we believe. But also? Vikings! Working in documentaries since 1997, I’ve developed my own unique approach to the genre. I like to tackle serious issues with a lighthearted approach that engages audiences in unexpected ways. In other words, through comedy, I can use Vikings to raise questions about faith and historical accuracy.

Mike Scholtz

Mike Scholtz

Documentary Filmmaker

Mike Scholtz is a documentary filmmaker based in northern Minnesota. His last film, Wicker Kittens, premiered at SXSW. His first feature, Wild Bill's Run, screened at some really nice festivals like Banff, Big Sky and Hot Springs. He also helped establish the world's first film-festival-in-a-barn, the Free Range Film Festival, near Duluth, Minnesota.